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neighborhood. >>> why ford is facing a class-action lawsuit tonight over some of is hybrid cars. >>> i'm jackie bensen in southeast washington. this car fleeing from police >>> california police continued their search today for a man who jumped out of a stolen car during a high-speed chase the it happened in norwalk. this shows a police cruiser ramming the car right before it stops. two women were taken into custody at the scene. the man is still on the run after police searched the local neighborhood. >>> ford is facing a class-action lawsuit over some of is new hybrid cars. the lawsuit says the automaker fudged the capabilities for the 2013 c-max hybrid and fusion hybrid models. ford says both get 47 miles to the gallon, but a recent "consumer report" study said it's actually ten miles fewer. recently kia and hyundai had to also revise their numbers. >>> the prague zoo is attracting thousands of visitors. a baby gorilla was born there last sunday, the fourth born to the 19-year-old mother. zoo keepers are keeping their distance, so the sex is still unknown. for now, the mom and child are spen
, and the different teachers, and dawn hochsprung, who jumped into action. they're charged to keep the health and safety of these children, and you know, the fact they sacrificed their lives so that more lives weren't lost, no matter what your program, no matter your regularly scheduled program is, to pay tribute to those great americans is appropriate. we're doing so tonight, and fully. >> all right. we'll look fraud to that as 7:30. billy, thanks for taking time out with us. we appreciate it. >>> today, christmas morning became a bit more exciting for thousanded of children. earlier today i got the opportunity to help open the salvation army angel tree distribution center. you see by the bagful parents picked up an estimated 40,000 toys. sponsors made the donation through 15 toy drives. one here at nbc4. one parent told me she is grateful for the generosity and the gifts. >> it's joy, happiness. it's a blessing. we have two bikes, and they're going to love it. they're twins. that's what they wanted. they really wanted a bike. >> reporter: those are are santa-size bags. >> yeah. >> reporter:
action here ooh flicks were huge hits. "the avengers" and "the dark knight rises" also passed the $1 billion mark. >>> tired of hear the same old phrases. there's a banished words list for 2013. laker superior state university compiled the list. the top word right there on your screen -- fiscal cliff won the most nomination. also, kick the can down the road --. 6. >>> lowly here at the end of the year. by tomorrow -- >> like that. the other word they say is now overused. we used it one time on the air. kim-ye. we will never say that again. >> our lips are sealed. >> how about "snow"? >> i would love to say that. >> freezing. >> you don't like that at all. >> but as far as rain or snow goes, not a lot of chances, though you may see a couple flurries or sprinkles. right now you can see plenty of cloud cover. they've been here just about all day long. not too bad. once again, average high temperatures this time of year low 40s. that's exactly where we are, currently sitting at 40 degrees at the airport. winds out of the southwest at 8 miles an hour, it does give us a windchill of 33 deg
governor o'malley hopes to take action to help prevent mass shootings like the one at sandy hook elementary. o'malley says he believes everyone has been changed by th introduce new legislation. the details haven't been worked out yet but governor o'malley says could it focus on laws related to assault weapons, mental health, and school safety. >>> stay with news4 and for continuing coverage of the tragedy at sandy hook. the impact that the shootings are having across the country and here in our area. at 4:30 we will discuss the nation's mental health crisis and what is stopping many vulnerable people from getting the help they need. >>> now the story of a journalist's ordeal that nearly ended in tragedy for our network. nbc nbc news corporate den richard engel is speaking for the first time since syrian kidnappers released him and his production team. bullets were flying as they made their escape overght in the middle of a fire fight along the northwestern boarder with turkey. this started last thursday when the news team crossed into syria from turkey. engel says at least
. they won't say where. but police call their actions reckless. >> there is a criminal element to this from the standpoint that we don't know the motive or reason why mom removed emily from the hospital. >> reporter: investigators say what happened at phoenix children's hospital may be a case of child endangerment. they worry the catheter still in emily's heart could become infected. >> we've been told that by doctors is that the minute that this little girl gets an infection, certainly just a matter of days could result in her death. >> reporter: emily's father says he had nothing to do with his daughter's disappearance. over the weekend, he was questioned by border patrol officers as he reentered the united states from mexico. >> she's in very good hands now. >> reporter: the family who hasn't been charged with a crime say they removed emily from the phoenix hospital after she contracted a bacterial infection in her right arm which had to be amputated. they also say their family was pressured over health insurance and mounting medical bills. >> very upset, angry, and without any answers,
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5